Namania's Twitch Tool

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Namania's Twitch Tool (NTT) is a simple Chat Bot which lets you automatically hype new and re-subscribers in a colored text. So be one of the first who hypes in chat! It's designed to be a channel subscriber for using sub emotes. NTT is totally free for ANGRYPUG's channel!

Sub Hype


  • Hype new and re-subscribers in a colored text
  • Define your own spam emote buttons
  • Get channel informations
  • Get Timeout/Ban informations
  • Search advanced Chatlog
  • Notification on mentions or subscriptions while minimized to tray


  • Control !commands with !nttenable or !nttdisable. Manage commands with !addcom, !delcom or !editcom .
  • Enable or Disable Game Codes System with !nttcodes
  • Manage Sub Games using one of two different Queue Systems (in order or raffle) with the ability to auto/import the queuelists between other moderators.
  • Enable the Dollar Game for Saturday's "Dolla Dolla Kills" which allows them to track kills, special kills, top 5 hype, and wins for community donations.
  • Update the current !game, !status or !wins
  • Execute a specific !command after a defined amount of chat messages to trigger nightbot's response.
  • Autopurge non english languages (recognizing special characters).
  • Autopurge editable blacklist phrase with multiplier timeout (1s, 60s, 600s, 6000s).
  • Autopurge CAPS locked messages
  • Autopurge Hyperlinks (needs !commands enabled)
  • Autoban editable blacklist phrase.
  • Autoban malware sites, with an autofilled and editable list (malware domains).



Always check for the latest Update. If the blue Icon in the right top corner appears - just hit it once to upgrade to the newest release! NTT itself is coded in VB.Net (.NET Framework 4.5 is required) and can be installed as App or you can run it as standalone version. Administrator privileges are needed for updates, and the queueing system. It's continuously improved by your feedback with new feature requests and bug reports